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FINTECHMATTERS brings together innovators in the financial services industry like financial institutions, investors, decision-makers and multiplicators of the European FinTech Ecosystems. It is the event to discover international business opportunities and discuss trends in the global financial services industry.

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Agenda summary

  • Main stage
  • Matchmaking sessions
  • FinTech Showcase
  • Discussion tables

Gain insights on trends & developments in the FinTech industry.

Our carefully curated content this year, will strongly focus on the aspect of evaluating the role of trust in the FS Industry.

International representatives will join us on stage and share insights about their ecosystem, their point of view on the position of Europe in the global FinTech race and discuss how European ecosystems may influence the future developments of the sector.

Data crunching with the help of AI has become imperative in financial services. We will take a look at use cases like Credit Decisions, Risk Management, Fraud prevention, Trading etc. and shed some light in what the future holds.

The deadline for PSD2 implementation in Europe has passed. The global trend towards open banking is creating business opportunities and security concerns at the same time. We will find out how innovators and traditional FIs deal with the new situation.

The past few years have brought incredible changes in the financial services industry as increasing speed, technology and customer centricity. Those has encouraged partnerships between traditional FIs and FinTechs. FinTechs will take the stage along with their partners and present case studies of how cooperation provided amazing results.

Expanding your network is our top priority, and in order to bring you new meaningful connections we have organised curated matchmaking sessions. In these sessions, with our support and by using the networking app you will be able to schedule and hold 1 on 1 meetings in the designated area.

Some of the most exciting FinTechs from different regions will take the stage and present their solutions and vision for the FS industry. These sessions will be curated by regional ecosystem representatives who will share more details of what is happening in their area.

Not only does FINTECHMATTERS provide a platform for you to connect to interesting ecosystem partners, but it also allows you to gain new insights in a more personal setting. The discussion table is a great format to dive in and truly understand the international Fintech landscape from different point of views.

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