CEE Fintech Atlas from RBI International

RBI has compiled a very detailed report on the ecosystems in each country that they operate in bringing valuable insight into the leaps of progress that have happened in the region. Fintech for sure should be a topic outside of the obvious financial centers and shining light onto the CEE region is more than appreciated. Here is a quick excerpt from the prologue of the CEO of RBI Johann Strobl that sheads a bit of light onto what you can find inside:

“”If you think of European fintech centres, then London, Berlin and Stockholm are probably the first places that come to mind. And if you look eastwards you might also consider the Baltic States. But did you know that there is a very lively fintech scene in Bulgaria or that Belarus is making great efforts to take a leading role in the field of cryptocurrencies? And did you know that the digital penetration rate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Russia is close to or greater than the rate in global emerging markets such as China or Turkey? These and many more nuggets of information can be found in this brand new “CEE Fintech Atlas” that we have produced to offer you a useful overview of the state of fintech ecosystems across the CEE Region.”

The CEE Region has caught up enormously over the past three decades and has a well-educated, digitally sophisticated population.

Johann Strobl CEO, Raiffeisen Bank International

“As RBI has always seen itself as a builder of bridges to the CEE Region, such activities are part of our company DNA. When the Iron Curtain fell thirty years ago, we played a pioneering role in building a modern banking system and transforming planned economies into market economies. In 2019 we are playing the role of bridge builder again by, for example, bringing together Western European fintechs and CEE banks, and vice versa. But the market and, hence, this role is very different today. The CEE Region has caught up enormously over the past three decades and has a well-educated, digitally sophisticated population. Our current role is therefore less about development than about helping our clients and partners to overcome local regulatory, linguistic and cultural barriers. To quote Mark Twain: History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

Austrian country data. An example of the statistics you can find within the report.

We are constantly scouring the web in order to find valuable and insightful data and opinions about the state of and the future of Fintech. If you found something that you found insightful within it feel free to share it with the community in the comments below.

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