Joakim Sjöblom

CEO & Founder
Minna Technologies

Joakim, CEO of Minna Technologies has founded three companies over the last 10 years and spent the latest 6 years within Fintech. As a founder of Minna Technologies, Joakim conducted partnerships with leading retail banks and navigated 3rd party FinTech integrations. Minna enables new customer value to retail banks and their digital banking experience.
The core product is a subscription management platform, enabling the end-user of the bank to save time and save money, straight from the mobile bank. The platform has performed more than 150 000 successful cancellations and improvements of subscriptions, equals savings of more than 30.000.000 Euro.
Enabled by Open Banking and designed to be integrated inside retail banks, Minna is currently working on 7 different markets with partners such as Swedbank, Danske Bank, OP Bank and ING.


Nov 19, 2019