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In today’s credit markets, NBFIs especially, are more often than not outright dependent upon their legacy systems, most of which either cannot comply with ever-changing regulatory standards. Flexibility is key in todays markets as it supports business both in internal conduct as well as in customer relations. Innovation in operations of credit providers supports competitive, individual-oriented credit markets via modularity, ease-of-use, configurability and automation.

Solution to the problem

Bankish allows to cover the whole life cycle of a loan from one place, starting with loan origination and ending with management and regulatory reports, which leads to improvements in operational efficiency for both credit providers as well as their clients. Bankish allows a credit provider to (a) efficiently manage and monitor its portfolio, (b) save time and money on system development/maintenance and daily operations by improving (and automating) internal processes, and (c) be flexible internally as well as provide flexibility for it’s clients.

Market traction

With pilots concluded in 2018, Bankish is LIVE since the beginning of 2019. Today, 4 credit providers in the Baltics have decided to outsource their systems and have opted for Bankish. With significant differences between their businesses in terms of conduct, portfolio, products, markets and many more, Bankish covers it all for everyone.

Success story

An EU FSA licensed credit provider in Estonia was looking to upgrade their core system from another provider to Bankish, as their previous system did not provide the level of flexibility required. Their wide array of credit products, for consumers as well as businesses, needed a common system that would cater for all their needs, including collateral management and clients’ self-service portal. In spite of the fact that the established credit provider had a noticeable customer base and portfolio behind them, Bankish’s data migration was handled in a manner where all of the information of today as well as historical data was drawn to the Bankish system in a couple of weeks. While before, for each of their products, the company had to turn to the developer to set up new products and their definitions, they now can customise current product parameters as well as launch new products in virtually minutes – all of the products and their definitions are easily managed in the back-office from drop-down menus. Bankish also improved the company’s internal processes by (a) automating bits which previously had to be handled manually and (b) eliminating the need for data entry to multiple files/locations, to name a couple. Today, the lender has expanded its activities to other markets with Bankish.

Expansion plans

Bankish aims to strengthen position by continuing high activity in the Baltics and Nordics. Immediate future will feature entering the British market by H1’2020 and Central Europe hubs for consumer credit, such as the Czech Republic or Poland. We do not constrain ourselves with Europe as we have already working with partners from Florida to Tokyo.


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