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Problem they are solving

Regulators push for stronger authentication to protect sensitive user data (e.g. GDPR, PSD2, FISMA, FFIEC, PCI/DSS).
But existing 2FA/MFA solutions are often cumbersome to use. This starts with the long onboarding, goes through the cumbersome login itself (need hardware token, enter PIN, scan codes …) and ends with the device change (e.g. new smartphone), which means a repeated onboarding process …
The solutions on the market are rigidly designed and allow little flexibility to the customer.
If the two-factor authentication is not mandatory, then according to studies only about 10% activate it … the reason for this is the usability!

Solution to the problem

Futurae offers novel user-centric, secure multifactor authentication suite using ambient -, ultrasound and sensor context via a machine learning. Front end, the user does not perceive the high level of security and is not bothered throughout the user journey of sensitive transactions. Their portfolio includes a variety of secure logins, continuous authentication and transaction signing for web, single devices or IoT.
At Futurae we strongly believe there is no one-fits all software that’s why with us you can implement the authentication methods best suited to your business needs. As your needs change, adapt and grow with Futurae’s exible, scalable and comprehensive authentication portfolio including step-up options.

Market traction

Futurae was founded by best-in-class Cybersecurity researchers from the System Security Group of ETH Zurich and business leaders. Futurae’s multi-factor authentication is already used by mobile banks, e-banking platforms or large financial institutions (e.g. stock exchanges) across 17 countries.
Btw. Gartner awarded us as “Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management” in 2018.

Success story

SIX Group (Swiss stock exchange): We replaced existing solutions (e.g. hardware tokens) with our solutions and ensured very satisfied end users (in terms of usability) and on the other hand we were able to massively reduce help desk costs (50% reduction in onboarding issues and 90% less login problems!).

Expansion plans

The next goal is to target the European market more effectively. For this purpose, customers should be found directly but also the right partners should be brought on board.


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