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Financial institutions are facing many challenges today like increased regulation, competition (from the FAANGs, fintech startups, other players), significantly higher transparency requirements, and of course the ongoing digitalization (r)evolution. Incumbents have to deal with margin pressure, changing customer needs & compliance with new regulations. This leaves little time & capital left to implement new wealth management products & services. Even if they wanted to develop new products & technologies in house, only the largest banks have all the required skills and staff to successfully execute such complex and modern projects.

Solution to the problem

Our suite of solutions aim to have an answer to all these possible pain points through our B2B roboadvisory solution including customizable front ends/platforms, our flexible algorithmic framework, our white labeled online investment platform and our portfolio storyteller. We currently have 4 B2B products.

1. Our flagship is a next-gen investment roboadvisor that allows banks to quickly & affordably launch a convenient & safe investment product to their customers.
2. Our online trading platform allows retail banks to retain the 5% of its customers that would like to make their own investment trades.
3. Our “storyteller” (concept) will replace the traditional investment account statement. Instead of a black & white line by line traditional statement, we will offer a colourful, infographic, entertaining & educational “story-based” report that has uses human language to describe the current situation in the account.
4. Our PortfolioOptimizer allows institutional customers like asset managers to have access to our portfolio construction algorithm as a back-end solution that can be configured in various ways, depending on the needs of the customers.

Market traction

From a business perspective:
1) our roboadvisor portfolio construction service is operational with the Dutch wealth manager Mijn Effecten.
2) we are currently co-designing/co creating a next generation online investment platform for a Tier 1 Belgian bank, involving working closely with design teams, applying co-creation, and organising/leading design workshops/design sprints, etc.
3) our third client is a challenger bank for which we are developing/implementing a crypto Robo advisor
4) we have now been asked by a Danish pension fund to possibly co-create and co-design including themselves – their design agency – us, in particular related to the robo advisory product and our third product (in the making) the Portfolio StoryTeller
5) a large wealth manager has provided us with their (stock/fund) data over the last decade in order to allow our algorithmic framework to ‘work’ with these data. We have compiled an extensive backtest and report indicating where we can help them. In addition, we will develop a machine learning based support tool to improve their own fundamental analysis
6) A large private bank/asset manager was provided with our API key & API documentation for one month to work with the portfolio framework

In addition we have 30 – 40 leads, and 5 hot leads.

Other traction / main accomplishments:
1. We have been accepted into 5 accelerator/scaleup programs to date. The first was the corporate acceleration program of Alior bank in Poland. The most recent (started April 2019) was the PwC Collider CEE scaleup program.
2. We have a presence in 9 countries
3. We have hired a team of 22 people – physically present in 4 countries.
4. We are at various stages toward “certified partner status” with 4 of the largest EU-based core banking platforms.
5. We have won several pitching awards

Success story

Our first client was a Dutch wealth manager we signed on after only 6 months ‘in business’. They use our Portfolio Construction Framework to offer their clients a ETF based portfolio. This allows them to target clients with lower assets and increase efficiency. This client is now asking us to add the ‘roboadvisory digital front end tool’ and has already expressed serious interest in the white labeled trading platform as well. We offer them high quality AI and digital tools they could not develop/implement themselves.

Expansion plans

(1) From a geographical perspective, we established a clear international plan from Day 1 (set up in June 2018), including a fast roll out in Europe, followed by a global expansion. Although only set up in June 2018, we have a legal presence in Belgium, Poland and Denmark. In addition, we have a sales representative/presence in The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, the UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Next on our expansion map are Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia (Singapore).
(2) from a products strategy, we are developing a suite of products. Our flagship is our fourth generation B2B roboadvisory product, and we have now added a white labeled trading platform and are developing a unique Portfolio StoryTeller.
(3) In case we secure enough financing we definitely will consider small M&A to add people/geographies/wealt tech products.
(4) We will add sales and business development people in the South of Europe, the Middle East and Asia
(5) We plan to expand our overall number of people to between 50 and 100 in three years time


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