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Problem they are solving

As Financial Services businesses gather and seek to use ever-increasing amounts of consumer data, including sensitive personally identifiable information (PII), the associated privacy risks and increasing compliance costs are slowing or blocking their ability to derive value from that data.

Solution to the problem

Privitar’s privacy platform enables businesses at any scale to centrally manage privacy rules and policies, and orchestrate the creation of use case-specific privacy-protected data sets. Privitar manages these datasets, rules and policies at huge scale, and transforms the data at petabyte or billions of rows scale.
This means that Financial Services businesses can reduce the risk in their sensitive data and enhance the efficiency of their data pipeline, thereby maximising the value from their sensitive data.

Market traction

To date, Privitar supports customers in Financial Services (Citigroup, HSBC, Nordea, Clearscore), Insurance (Anthem, Discovery) and Healthcare & Life Sciences (NHS Digital, Astra Zeneca, Sensyne Health).

Success story

HSBC were looking to enhance their customer 360 view, using analytical models developed in AWS. The customer data that was needed was deemed too sensitive from a risk and compliance standpoint to put in AWS in its raw form, meaning the initiative was blocked.

HSBC deployed Privitar on-premise to de-identify the sensitive data before shifting into the cloud, where AWS services were used to perform customer analytics. Privitar also enabled re-identification back in the “safe” on-premise zone, to deliver targeted recommendations to the marketing team.

Enabled a project to improve customer engagement, generating new revenue.

Expansion plans

Privitar is headquartered in the UK, with a presence in the US, France, Germany and Singapore. We are currently focused on expanding our footprint in EMEA (particularly DACH), the US and APAC.


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