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United Kingdom

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Problem they are solving

The odds are stacked against solo investors. 80% of the investment market is controlled by algorithms and 33% of adults are financially illiterate, leading to significant amounts of money being invested poorly or not at all.

Solution to the problem

We provide control without individual responsibility through ‘team investing’. Our users come to Pynk because they get involved in the investment decisions of our investment vehicle and get to work as part of a global team.

Market traction

11000, users predicting markets with a 70% accuracy. Traded test fund returning over 26%. Releasing to retail investors in November 2019

Success story

Against 960 companies we were one of 4 companies selected for 360 Labs accelerator in Graz Austria.

Expansion plans

Our users are from 135 countries already.
US market slated for 2021 post series A


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