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Problem they are solving

The whole idea of our company is to provide users an easy tool or access to interpret data and to make their investment decisions. The technology embedded into our algorithms help us to make financial markets more transparent and accessible to everyone! Our developed algorithms are based on seasonality – most of the markets run on the predictable yearly patterns, that the most of the investors are not aware of.
But what is Seasonality?
Seasonalities are regular and predictable patterns that recur every calendar year. Every industry exhibits unique seasonal trends, based on solid fundamental drivers that we are able to benefit from. The best known seasonal drivers include harvest periods, the timing of interest payments, the weather, investor sentiment at certain times of the year, tax and balance sheet deadlines, annual or quarterly financial reports, as well as traditional patterns, such as the year-end rally in the stock market.

Challenge: In order to benefit from seasonal patterns in the course of an entire year, a sufficient number of statistically profitable investment opportunities has to present itself at any given time. In order to broaden the number of investable signals to the degree needed to be able to invest at all times, it is necessary to:
Evaluate a large amount of historical data on every single stock ; Create algorithms to identify seasonal patterns.

What problems are we solving?

Quantitave analytics are a very hard to access area in the field of stock-markets. B2C clients rarely have the skill, or time to dig into data in order to benefit from the outcome. Seasonax enables users to access the whole field of seasonal analysis.

Second problem is that the existing applications are very limited in their features.
Their output is often imprecise or even downright inaccurate. Seasonax is based on algorithms that generate precise seasonal charts and accurate return calculations in real-time. A number of important problems associated with seasonality were solved by these algorithms for the first time.
The Seasonax application help users to identify trading opportunities and can help them to save a great deal of time and money they might otherwise need to spend on other forms of research.

Solution to the problem

After many years of intensive research, Seasonax has developed an application that captures seasonal trends in all asset classes and profits from their recurring nature over the course of the entire calendar year. Visualizing the data in an easy to understand chart saves tremendous amount of time that would be wasted on numerous analysis. More importantly, the users can accurately time the market in order to increase their returns. Our seasonal algorithms are applicable to any available market instrument (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities) in any given market environment.
Moreover, last year we have launched second company Seasonax Capital (investment boutique) where we have implemented our algorithms in diverse fund strategies and won many awards as being the most innovative product.
Seasonax application : www.app.seasonax.com

Market traction

Our market is global. Also the users that are using our application are global – from USA, Europa, Asia…After almost 4 years of development phase and usability tests with over 400 participants (including Universities and various banks
technical,research and capital market departments), Seasonax has established close cooperation with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters and is available on their Platforms – revenue share model.
Seasonax has started with it’s GoToMarket phase (Q4/2017).
Moreover, with DZ bank as the first institute to integrate seasonal decisions within their workstream and making profit out of it, Seasonax has made the step from a proof of concept to a proof of value. In Q3 2018 we have launched second application that is accessible to every single user with internet access (www.app.seasonax.com). Through the application we have placed 3 different pricing models, that are being constantly updated based on user experience. At this phase we are building our community and visibility through introducing new features that are providing users insights into the markets. In our online internet application we have atm 2325 users.
Conversion rate is quite high and amounts to approx. 10%. The total revenue that we have gained from 1.st of April 2018 until 23th September amounts EUR 33.394.
Adding new features and providing bigger data base on monthly level contributes to further user growth. What is also very important the figures are achieved through organic growth. Atm we are waiting for the new financing round that we will be used for marketing .

Success story

We have had many successful client/partner stories. One of them is that we are one of the 40 worldwide companies that have succeeded to have their product integrated within Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters Platforms.
Further success story is Seasonax Capital (www.seasonax-capital.com) where we have partners up with some of the most experienced and renown names in the industry in order to deliver the best possible quality (Baader Bank, Kreissparkasse Köln, HansaInvest).

Expansion plans

Our business is global. Therefore, through different channels we are reaching our audience. The additional financing rounds will be used for marketing and further development.
Media exposure: Our services have been published in various international magazines and websites: Bloomberg Brief, Institutional Money, Handelsblatt, Zero hedge, Trading Stars, Acting Man, SNBCHF….
Marketing campaigns: Through tailor-made marketing campaigns we are targeting specific user groups.
Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters Plaforms: Our Seasonax App is integrated on their platforms from which we gain global exposure.
Social Media: The communication via social media completes the consistent communication strategy. It is important to
provide a continuous, ongoing communication via social media and get in touch with the audience. At the
moment, Seasonax has accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Appearance at events: Events are the best way for getting in touch with possible customers, business partners and interested people directly and personally.
Further partnerships with banks that will provide us with wider community.


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