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Problem they are solving

Walliance solves two main problems that are faced by investors, on the one side, and by real estate developers, on the other side.
In the first case, investing in real estate is not affordable by everyone, due to the typical entry barriers of the real estate market and the huge amount of capital which is required.
In the second case, real estate developers are highly dependant upon the banking channel in order to realize their real estate projects.

Solution to the problem

Walliance is the leading online investment platform specialized in real estate in Italy.
On the one side, it allows investors to eliminate the typical entry barriers of the real estate market. Thanks to the crowdfunding tool provided by Walliance, indeed, anyone, starting from €500, can support the development of real estate projects with her/his own capital and receive, at the end of the transaction, their share of the profit.
On the other side, Walliance allows real estate developers to have access to an alternative source of funding, reducing their dependence on the banking channel. Furthermore, Walliance is also an effective marketing tool that allows real estate developers to be known by professional and retail investors.

Market traction

In Italy, Walliance has been operational since September 12, 2017, and in a short time, it has positioned itself as a leader among online real estate investment platforms and equity crowdfunding platforms. In two years of activity and with 23,362 profiled users, 12,9 million euros have been raised for 12 real estate development initiatives.

Success story

Walliance has by now presented to its community 12 projects, which means 12 crowdfunding campaigns which have all been successfully closed; two of them have been completed and the profits have been returned to the investors. Crowdfunding campaigns might remain open for days, some times also for several weeks. Walliance’s best case of success was the raising of 1,05 Mio euros in only 5 hours for ‘Milano North of Loreto’, the last project presented on the platform in August 2019.

Expansion plans

Walliance is now opening to the French market through the new company called ‘Walliance France’, whose authorization is currently underway. This is only the first step of ist international expansion.


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