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Problem they are solving

Tenants, especially young and new to the real estate market, have the issue of being able to provide a credit score, recommendations from previous landlords and having enough cash for a downpayment. Landlords have difficulty with verifying recommendations provided by potential tenants, not being able to check their credit score and liquidity.

Solution to the problem

By using existing databases and banking data, we are able to build a credit score. Users using the app will enable us for more information to be gathered about user’s habits and history of rent (length of rent, how downpayment is used, were there any damages reported, etc.). With the magic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning built into our platform. Our app will provide tenants different options for financing their downpayment. We are working on different partnerships that would enable saving before renting, short-term financing or insurance options for tenants to provide as a guarantee.

Market traction

We are already working with a few large Croatian real estate Agencies and getting ready to launch our product mid-October to the public.

Success story

This is something we hope to share realy soon.

Expansion plans

We are starting in the Croatian market this month and plan to move to the DACH region in Q1 2020. Going forward we plan to expand our services to Nordics and then the rest of the EU countries.


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